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The primary causes of debilitating traffic accidents in Louisiana are the same across the nation. Although these factors can often fluctuate depending on the season, holidays or the day of the week, the truth is, most car accidents occur for one or more of the following reasons:

· Drunk Driving – Even though drunk driving is on the decline in Louisiana, it still accounts for a great majority of accidents in the state. This could be attributed to the over 200,000 arrests for DUI every year of individuals with a 0.08 % blood alcohol level. With such alarming numbers, it is little wonder that people are injured by these reckless lawbreakers.

· Drowsy Driving – People are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving, but sadly, individuals who are impaired due to a lack of sleep or overall tiredness are just as deadly on our nation’s roads. Contributing to the issue is the fact that most people think it’s no big deal to get in their cars when they are sleepy. About 100 million people (51 % of the population) have admitted that they have driven their cars when drowsy while 17% of America have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Perhaps this is why sleep deprived motorists are responsible for billions of dollars of financial losses as well as over 1,500 deaths and 70, 000 injuries a year.

· Driver Distraction – Cell phone use, rubbernecking, even eating and listening to music can take your attention off of the road long enough to cause a debilitating auto accident that results in serious injuries or even a fatality. Although public awareness is growing the trend to indulge in behavior that reduces response time has not dwindled, with fatal consequences.

· Poorly Signed Roadways - Occasionally accidents are caused by either incorrect signage on the road or even a complete lack of important signage in general. For example, you (as a driver) would be well to know when a road dips into a fifteen foot ditch across a blind rise in the road. However, without the proper sign to inform you of such a scenario, the end result could be serious or even fatal.

All of the above catalysts can create a scenario where law abiding drivers are injured or killed on the road.

So, how can an innocent victim of a horrific crash prove that the other driver is responsible for their injuries and hold them accountable for their actions?

There are many things the injured party can do to establish a strong personal injury or wrongful death case, but it will start with hiring experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.  With the right personal injury attorney at your side, you can obtain information that will increase the odds of winning your lawsuit and obtaining the compensation  you deserve.

These seasoned professionals most often utilize the services of expert accident re constructionists who can determine the cause of the accident using physics and the infallible tools of science.  Thorough investigation can also procure the statements of eyewitnesses or even videotape evidence that backs up your claims.

But what if you contributed to your accident in some small way?

You may still be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries under comparative negligence legislation.

Under comparative negligence laws, a jury would examine the evidence to calculate percentages of liability. If you were only 15% responsible of the wreck and the other driver as 85 % negligent, the other driver would have to compensate you. While you may not receive the kind of reparations that comes with complete innocence, some money is better than none when it comes to paying off mounting medical bills.

If you have been injured or a valued family member has been killed in a tragic automobile accident, contact a capable personal injury or wrongful death lawyer right away. The sooner the better, as the trail of evidence could grow colder as time passes, making it harder to prove you case.

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