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Wrecks and Malpractice can cause different injuries, we have experience in various types of injuries and medical issues: Concussion, Brain Function, Swollen Brain, Brain Stem, Severed Spine, Jaw (TMJ), Reflex Sympathetic,

Dystrophy (CRPS or RSD), Vestibular (balance), Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Brachial Plexus Stretch, Rib Fracture, Shoulder (Rotator Cuff and Laxity), Hip Replacement (THA), Hip Fracture, Hip Dislocations, Knee Fracture (Tibia Plateau Transplants, Ligament Tears and Knee reconstruction, open compound Fracture of hands, arm, and legs, PTSD, Depression, Fear, Fright, Phobias.

Concussion and Brain injury Symptoms:

(Warning MRI and CT scans do not rule out brain injury)

These symptoms should be reported as soon as detected. Most concussion symptoms resolve in 3 months, some mild concussion injuries can last a life time. Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Neuropsychologist can diagnose the extent and severity of this injury. Younger patient seem to recover better than older patients:

· Confusion

· Loss of memory about accident

· Headache

· Nausea

· Difficulty with memory

· Slowed thinking

· Tiredness

· Change in sleep

· Unbalanced

· Dizziness

· Ringing in ears

· Increased sensitivity to light or sounds

· Mood changes — sad, irritable, non-motivated

· Blurred vision

· Ringing in ears

· A headache that will not go away and is severe

· Not waking up; very sleepy

· Seizure

· Repeated vomiting

· Personality change

· Loss of coordination

· Weakness in arms or legs

· Ringing in ears

· Blurred vision

· Sensitivity to loud noises or bright lights

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