Litigation depends on the facts that can be introduced at a trial. Write down what you remember as soon as possible! Write down the names of witnesses, parties involved, and what anyone said to you.

Be careful about any statements given to anyone. You may be misquotes by an adjuster, say as little as possible. Sometimes patients are medicated or sleepy when the adjuster calls, be careful.

If injured, seek medical attention immediately! The longer the delay, the more skeptical the insurance company will be of your injury. Toughing it out for a few weeks to see what will happen will be a disaster. Your injuries need to be documented and treated. Silence is NOT golden.

Preserving facts is the key to success. Photographs should be taken by digital camera or 35mm film. Cell phone photos are a LAST RESORT. For more impact, do a digital movie of the scene, injuries, and property damage. Don’t rely on insurance company photographs. They are there for the insurance company...not for you.

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