Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice

If you suspect you have been harmed by a medical provider, you have one year to take action to protect your rights and in some cases, even if you didn’t know you were a victim of medical negligence, your rights expire in 3 years from the event.

Since 1978, there has been a $500,000 cap on malpractice damages with a right to get future specials after trial. This cap applies only to providers that are part of the Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund. Providers are protected from lawsuits by requiring claims to be submitted to Malpractice Review Panels composed of three providers. No surprise, that most Panel opinions favor the provider. You must file a lawsuit within 90 days of opinion.

Our success in Medical Malpractice has covered from failed hip surgery to sponges and needles left in patients, ER failure to diagnose injection injuries to over correction of hyponatremia causing brain swelling, breach of Fall Protocol to restraint uses, reading x-rays to dental errors.

Trial Exhibits to help understand your injury. We need a certified copy of your medical records and a brief description of what you feel was negligence. Our nurse will review the records and we decide what experts we need to consult to determine whether the provider has committed medical negligence.

Did he run a medical red light?

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